The 8 cities around the world with the hardest workers.


1 – Hong Kong has the most diligent individuals on the planet. They check in 2,606 hours for each year.

“All compulsive workers ought to move to Hong Kong, where working hours normal more than 50 every week, with just 17 days of [paid] occasion yearly,” said UBS in a report breaking down work and acquiring examples in 71 worldwide urban areas.

By correlation, Parisians put in only 1,604 hours every year. That is around 1,000 hours less than the inhabitants of Hong Kong, and works out to approximately 35 hours for every week.

2 – Mumbai, India, is among the most crowded urban communities on the planet. In light of the UBS research, it is additionally the second most diligent city on the planet.

The normal specialist trudges away for 2,277 hours for each year.

3 – Mexico City

Mexico has a notoriety for long meeting expectations hours, as per information from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

So it’s nothing unexpected that laborers in the capital city check in 2,261 hours for each year.

That is fundamentally more than Chicago, which is the most diligent city in the U.S. Specialists there put in 2,030 hours for every year.

4 – New Delhi occupants put in 2,214 hours for each week, demonstrating that Mumbai isn’t the main Indian city with a society of long days.

5 – Bangkok

Every year the normal occupant in Bangkok, Thailand, lives up to expectations 2,191 hours and just gets nine paid get-away days. Nonetheless, laborers additionally get 16 open occasions for each year, with the goal that works out to an aggregate of five weeks of paid time off.

6 – Dubai

Dubai is surely understood for its taking off high rises.

Yet, the vast majority may not be as acquainted with how hard its occupants work.

The normal individual works 2,186 hours for every year, additionally gets 30 paid get-away days in addition to open occasions.

7 Nairobi

Specialists in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi put in 2,184 hours at work every year. They get 22 paid get-away days.

8 – Taipei

Occupants in Taipei, Taiwan buckle down for their cash, checking in 2,141 hours for each year.